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To be paid in advance – students will not be permitted in class if fees have not been paid.



Refunds will be issued up to the end of the second week of classes. After the second week there will be NO REFUNDS.
Classes cancelled during the year due to weather conditions, etc. will be rescheduled during the term.

All N.S.F. cheques will be charged $40.00.


Class Uniforms

Rules for All Students

Students must wear proper class uniform or they will not be allowed to take the class.
* No jewellery to be worn  *No chewing gum or candy in class  *Smile and have fun!!

NOTE: Parents, relatives are not allowed to watch classes. There will be an Open House at Christmas time when you can watch classes and see what the students have learned.

*** Classes may be cancelled or times changed if numbers do not warrant.

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