Carleton Place Spring Schedule 2022


4:00pm-Pointe 2& 3

4:45pm-Intermediate & Advanced Ballet

5:45pm-Pre-School Combo (3-5 years) 

6:30pm-Beginner Highland (8+ years) & Pre-Bronze Highland

7:15pm-Acro 4 

8:00pm-Acro Level 5

Studio 2 

5:45pm-Advanced Tap        

6:30pm-Grade 3 Ballet


4:00pm-Advanced Highland (C)

5:00pm-Advanced Jazz 

5:45pm-Gold & Blue Riband Highland (C)

6:30pm-Grade 2 & 3 Tap

7:15pm-Grade 6 Ballet

8:00pm-Pointe 1



4:15pm-Elementary Tap 


5:45pm-Silver & Pre-Gold Highland

6:30pm-Bronze & Silver Jazz


4:30pm-Elementary Modern

5:15pm-British Award & Premier Award Highland (C)

6:00pm- Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet

6:45pm-Acro 1 (6-9 years)
7:30pm- Acro 2 & 3

8:15pm-Theatre Dance

Studio 2

5:25pm- Grade 2 Ballet


3:30pm-Intermediate Modern

4:30pm-Beginner Jazz (9+ years)

5:15pm- Grade 4 & 5 Ballet

6:00pm-B/Riband & up Highland (NC)

6:45pm- Gold-British Medallion Jazz


9:00am-Combo Jazz and Tap (5-7 years)

9:45am-Beginner Highland (4-5 years)

10:30am- Beginner Highland (6-7 years)

11:15am-Jazz and Tap (7-9 years)

12:00pm-Grade 1 Modern

12:45pm-Beginner Hip Hop (8+ years)

***Please note class times could change if numbers do not warrant. Classes cancelled throughout the year due to weather conditions etc… will be rescheduled at a different time.


***Parents will not be permitted into the studio at this time, due to COVID-19 safety protocols and number allowance.