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Our Classes


It is most important for any student who is serious about his/her dancing to take ballet lessons. The Pre-Primary to Pre-Professional program offers ballet training through gradual progressions, demanding no more of a young body than it can easily cope with.



Classes begin with a warm-up to increase strength, flexibility and development of technique. The class will involve isolations, jazz steps and combinations, turns, jumps, a little hip hop, lyrical (at advanced levels) using a variation of music styles. All classes are based on the BATD system which encourages dynamic performance as well as excellent technique.



Originating in Scotland, Highland Dancing is a challenging dance art. The dances are a combination of strength, agility, movement and music. Ambitious new students develop self discipline and confidence as they learn to tackle the physical demands of highland dancing. It takes tremendous strength, stamina and technical precision that accomplished dancers exhibit on stage from years of “independent training” and collaboration with experienced teachers.



The tap program is technically based on the BATD dance syllabus. While learning basic tap sounds through grading levels, students will learn to identify basic rhythmic sequences and eventually more intricate syncopation within a variety of musical phrases. Steps tend to build on each other, therefore adding one or two simple movements to an existing step creates something new and challenging for student to master. The exam process follows through from a pre-primary to the advanced level.


Hip Hop

With its roots in inner city street dancing, hip hop encompasses movement with attitude and style. Students will learn current dance moves seen in popular music videos, this class will bring out the inner swag in you.



This style of dance is a cross between ballet and Jazz, focusing on the expression of inner feelings encouraging the dancer to use their emotions and moods to capture the essence of the dance.



​Combination of Acro and dance, teaches flexibility, balance, strength and muscle control. Students will learn acrobatic tricks according to skill and ability.


Pre School Combo       

As an introduction to dance for ages 3-5 yrs, this program promotes the child's natural sense of movement as well as developing a strong sense of musicality. With instruction on basic dance technique, for this age we offer a “combo class” which combines both ballet and tap within the structure of the same class.

Children will explore dance movement using interesting characters, songs and stories.

Their love for dance will blossom in this happy and fun environment.

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