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What is the B.A.T.D.?

The British Association Teachers of Dancing, is a UK based dance examination board, with it’s Head Office in Glasgow, Scotland. The officially recognized date for the information of the society is the 30th Nov 1892, making it the first professional dance organization of it’s kind in the UK, and the 2nd oldest in the world. 

For more Information on the B.A.T.D., Check out their website

When do B.A.T.D. exams occur and why should my child take them?

Exams are usually held end of Feb – beginning of March.

If your child is in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Modern or Highland they are currently following the curriculum of the B.A.T.D. syllabus in their classes. We offer both grade and medal examinations dependent on the child. We also offer courses in B.A.T.D. teaching certifications for eligible candidates 17 and up, based on teacher’s assessment.

For students wishing to move up to the next level with their peers, we do recommend partaking in examinations. We also feel that the younger they are taking their first exam, the better they become at preparing for, and handling pressure not only in dance, but in all future endeavours. The sense of accomplishment that is taken away from completing and succeeding at these exams is a wonderful feeling for students of all ages!

Additionally, as you (or your child) gets older and apply for part time jobs, college, university, and full time work, you can include these dance exams on your resume. This will have a great effect in showing your commitment and seriousness to an extra curricular subject.

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